Thai Massage


The Thai Massage is one of the best ways we have to relax and recover our muscles from stress from exercise and / or stress from a long work day.

In our Therapeutic and Relaxing Massage Center in Marbella we offer you many massages with origins from all over the world. Like the Hindu massage, the Nuru massage from Japan, the Swedish massage and many more …
We will introduce you to one of our specialities in our famous massage center in Puerto Banus : The Thai Massage. Its origins come from Thai culture. It is a very special massage but unfortunately very little practiced in the centers of massages of the Costa del Sol.
In our Nikky’s Mass Tantric Center in Puerto Banus we have the chance to work with experienced masseuses who continue to learn and practice new practices and massages everyday. For the traditional Thai massage they use techniques of muscular manipulations through massages and stretches. To do this, they use their hands, knees, fingers, elbows or forearms. Pressure on affected areas to generate heat is the basis of this massage.


In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the official mainstay of Traditional Thai Medicine (MTT) which is considered a medical discipline for the treatment of a wide variety of pain. The goal of Thai massage is to harmonize the blood flow and stimulate all the energy of the body.

Thus they will rebalance the functions of the 4 fundamental elements of the body :

– The Earth : solid particles (bones and muscles)

– Water : blood and secretions

– Fire : digestion and metabolism

– Air : breathing and blood circulation

The Benefits of Thai Massage:

– Improves posture

– Tones the nervous system

– Activates the lymphatic system

– Increases muscle flexibility

– Strengthens ligaments and tendons

– Improves blood flow

– Regulates stress conditions, harmonizes the connection between body and mind

– Fortifies the immune system

– Reduces stress

– Reduces insomnia and anxiety

– Improves respiratory capacity

Now that you are aware of all the benefits you get from a traditional Thai massage, you can experience it in our therapeutic massage center in Marbella – Nueva Andalucia. Do not miss the opportunity to spend a moment of ultimate relaxation with one of our professional masseuses at Nikky’s Mass Massage Center!

Thai Massage only on reservation – Minimum 1 hour
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