Swedish massage


After a long day of work you need to devote yourself a relaxing massage in Puerto Banus to eliminate all the accumulated stress. If you are on holiday, the time is even better to dedicate you finally a moment just for you in very good company.

Why not opt for a massage session at our therapeutic & relaxing massage center in Marbella? Our talented masseuses will be happy to welcome you in our specially designed massage parlour. So why not test our Swedish massage for example? Here are some explanations on this essential massage:

Swedish massage is the most widespread and generally best known massage through massage parlors in Europe. It is the Swedish massage that has served as a basis for many other types of massage, such as sports massage, body-to-body massage, relaxing massage and many more.

The Swedish massage method uses long, fluid movements, often but not necessarily in the direction of the heart. Thanks to the Swedish massage you will have a better circulation of oxygen in the blood, a better blood flow and totally relaxed muscles.

There are five basic movements:

– Touching: effective to flush the lymphatic system and promote blood circulation.
– Kneading: improves circulation and clears muscle and nerve tissue of toxins.
– Friction: will break the knots that cause discomfort and reduced ability to move.
– Trigger points: relaxation of the small areas contained in the muscles which can be extremely tense and limited in motion.
– Tapping and vibration: lighter body work to relieve the muscles at the end of massage.


The benefits of Swedish massage on your body:

– Shortens recovery time after muscle strain
– Cleans the tissues of toxins including lactic acid and uric acid
– Increases circulation without increasing the load for the heart
– Stretches the ligaments and tendons making them more flexible and flexible
– Reduces stress, emotional and physical

Don’t wait any more and come and relax with one of our masseuses specializing in tantric and therapeutic massages. Find our Nikky Mass Relaxing Massage Center in Puerto Banus – Nueva Andalucia, Marbella.

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